M2M for Oil and Gas Industry

M2M for Oil and Gas

As the oil and gas reserves continue to become more difficult to reach due to their isolated locations, and regulations on the industry become increasingly more severe, there is a major need to be met. M2M applications are perfect for meeting these needs and providing several more substantial improvements. The most prominent examples of M2M for oil and gas revolve around systems for oilfield surveillance, oilfield security, and remote tank monitoring.

The pressure on the oil and gas industry to develop safer and more efficient processes for drilling and transportation has grown exponentially since the BP oil spill in 2010. Further regulation is expected and this has developed a critical need for oilfield automation and oilfield monitoring.

M2M Solutions

As technology advances and prices for both cellular and satellite transmissions decrease, businesses are now fighting to develop software and hardware that will more easily allow monitoring of pipelines, tanks, well heads, and compressors. These technologies will help lower the cost for oil and gas extraction as the inaccessibility of many new reserves threatens to drive prices higher.

Environmental concerns have also increased the regulatory pressure for M2M systems. The ability to monitor the flow rate in pipelines with oil and gas automation can help avoid spills by noticing leaks before they become a larger and more substantial problem, and this is provided by M2M systems. This technology can also be used in drilling that occurs in more remote and harsher environments as they benefit the most from wireless communication. Workplace safety is also a major concern that M2M implementation will improve.

The Future of M2M for Oil and Gas

There is already a major increase in solutions of M2M for oil and gas. The advent of new and far reaching mobile telecommunications technology is radically decreasing the cost of deployment for automation and M2M systems. PetoCloud is taking unique advantage of this technology by combining it with an unmatched proprietary cloud platform to offer solutions that drastically lower costs of traditional M2M oil and gas systems.

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