What is a SCADA system?

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) refers to industrial control systems at the core of many systems deployed by industries that we come in contact with everyday such as water, transportation, manufacturing, and even oil and gas.  SCADA systems are used to gather, monitor, and analyze critical data which is usually managed by a centralized control center. These systems are complex because they include a myriad of hardware and software components using differing communication protocols and require a number of outside vendors and specialists to integrate the technologies and are thus very expensive to deploy and maintain. Adding to the complexity and the cost is the fact that most oil and gas locations reside in remote and difficult to reach areas and require hazardous rated equipment and system design. Because of the excessive high cost, these oil and gas SCADA systems are typically found only within the largest oil companies, and even then, only on selected wells or leases which can support such high ongoing costs. The major oil companies usually own and operate this infrastructure themselves and must continue paying for expensive maintenance contracts on the hardware and software, as well as continued seat licenses and server licenses for the software to keep the system operational. In addition, because of the high sunk cost and complexity of these older systems, many companies find it difficult to implement and benefit from some of the great technological advances taking place today.

What is SCADA as a Service℠?

PetroCloud’s unique SCADA as a Service℠ automation solution is a comprehensive service that supplies field devices, data telemetry and cloud-based, real-time automation software platform technology under a month-to-month subscription model.  Customers need not invest in or maintain dedicated and proprietary communications infrastructure, hardware and software control systems.  PetroCloud engineers provide all design, engineering, installation, configuration and maintenance.  The PetroCloud® automation platform is user configurable, browser-based and license-free; customers can provide access across their organization to anyone with a hand-held, laptop or desktop device.  Massively scalable, the SCADA as a Service℠ automation solution provides remote optimization, visibility and security functionality for a single or limitless number of locations without redesign.

  • No telemetry or IT infrastructure to build / maintain – focus on your core competencies
  • No equipment to buy – replace CAPEX with OPEX
  • No software to purchase / license – enable your entire organization
  • No surprises – know your costs before you begin

Device engineering, integration and communication protocols are pre-engineered and pre-certified for plug and play, repeatable, scalable processes and fast installation.

The unique SCADA as a Service℠ automation solution includes 24/7 location surveillance and can incorporate any of the following functionalities:

  • Wellhead timer with bi-directional control
  • Production & water tank fluid level monitoring and action determination
  • Flow computer automation & remote configuration / update capability
  • Flow line pressure monitoring and action determination
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Remote gate access control & communication
  • Facility access control & communication
  • Remote WiFi access for voice communication and data transmission
  • Telemetry from virtually any field device

PetroCloud’s SCADA as a Service℠ solution provides turnkey end-to-end automation, monitoring and surveillance functionality with several distinct advantages.

  • Lower cost, broader integration and capabilities than traditional SCADA
  • Internet of Things (IOT) functionality for remote locations
  • Minimal deployment to operational timing (hours vs. months)
  • Provides high bandwidth telemetry and bi-directional communication – unavailable with SCADA
  • Device agnostic platform, can communicate with any field device
  • Browser platform for automation control is a game changer, no expensive software licenses.
  • Published pricing, no long term contracts – very disruptive
  • National partnerships with Verizon Wireless®, AT&T® and LiftMaster®, and a Solution Partner with Verizon Wireless® providing SCADA as a Service℠ automation solutions.
  • Controllable from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world

How Does Traditional SCADA Software Compare to SCADA as a Service℠?

As compared to a traditional SCADA system, PetroCloud’s unique cloud SCADA solution following a low-cost subscription-based model offers the field devices, telemetry, software, systems integration, along with the IT infrastructure and network maintenance as a service to customers. This removes the burden and expense associated with the ownership of traditional SCADA software systems. The PetroCloud solution exponentially improves reliability, scalability, and usability as users want SCADA data integrated with other applications.

PetroCloud has leveraged the cloud in creating a revolution with its SCADA architecture, as it provides very high redundancy, virtually unlimited data storage, and worldwide data access—all at very low cost. It is truly oil and gas SCADA made simple.