What is Cloud-Based Remote Gate Access?

The cloud-based remote gate access control means you now have an internet connected gate which can be opened, closed, and monitored anywhere from your phone, tablet, or PC. All entry and exit access is  logged remotely and is configured and stored in the cloud.  As an operator, this means you can remotely set user access and view live streaming of your perimeter. By using our cell and cloud-based technology, our customers significantly reduce deployment and maintenance costs, while at the same time achieving greater reliability and functionality of their gate.

Why is Remote Gate Access Control Important?

With the remoteness of oil and gas sites, there is a critical need to secure site assets from theft and vandalism, as well as to control contractor access and contractor billing.  Operators can only do this if they know who is on their locations 24/7.  Padlocked gates require combination sharing among many different vendors and future ex-employees.  Traditional automatic gates are similar in that they are also limited by the sharing of passcodes since they do not have remote capabilities. The PetroCloud Remote Gate Access Control System ensures maximum oilfield security, safety, and billing control by enabling the user to remotely control passcodes and to open the gate remotely. The PetroCloud solution uses HD cameras with video surveillance as well as keypads, card readers (including employee badges), and/or vehicle tags, to enable complete remote management and control of oil and gas sites.

How is the PetroCloud Remote Gate Access Control System Unique?

PetroCloud’s remote gate access control and HD surveillance includes all of the following features for one affordable subscription cost:

  • Web-based accessibility from any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & “toll tag” technology
  • Unlimited number of users with gate entry/exit access that can be controlled, limited, or revoked.
  • Configurable alerts that can be triggered for suspicious, on-site events, including:
    • Unauthorized access attempt
    • Time-based site access
    • Specific access codes and/or vehicle types
    • Camera-based motion detection
    • Operational changes on the site
  • Works with existing employee badges and allows issuance of contractor badges following safety and vendor certifications.
  • Wireless installations eliminate the high cost of trenching for wires and phone lines in a legacy installation
  • Remote passcode updates for both keypad and card access
  • Brings security and access control to any gate; PetroCloud can retrofit existing gates to make them a cellular gate or install a new automated gate.
  • Solar option availability

Remote Gate Access System with HD Video Surveillance

Do you have unauthorized personnel entering your site? With the remoteness of oil and gas sites and the need to secure site assets from theft and vandalism, remote gate access with video surveillance is the ideal choice. The PetroCloud gate access system combines 24/7 secure gate access with HD video surveillance enabling customers to maintain detailed records and logs of site access as well as to provide remote gate-guard security. The PetroCloud remote gate access control system combines the PetroCloud cloud computing platform with cellular telemetry, solar-powered access, and HD camera/video to provide the following features all for one affordable subscription cost.

  • Remote passcode updates
  • Works with employee badges and/or infinite unique user passcodes
  • Remotely open/close gate from phone or computer
  • Detailed records of site entry and/or exit with high resolution photos
  • Alerts for specific access codes and vehicle types
  • Solar-friendly
  • No security to hire
  • No equipment/software to purchase or install

The PetroCloud cloud-based remote gate access system helps customers not only control access to remote oil and gas sites but also maintain 24/7 security surveillance of valuable assets easing concerns over theft and vandalism.