Fugitive Gas Emissions

Fugitive emissions are unintended or irregular releases of gases from pressurized equipment. Although fugitive emissions can emanate from a variety of sources and from a multitude of different industries, over the last few years there has been increased emphasis on detecting fugitive emissions from energy companies. Fugitive gas emissions from oil and gas companies have been singled-out for specific scrutiny from regulators with a particular focus on methane emissions.

Fugitive Gas Emission Detection Solutions

PetroCloud has 3 primary remote methane leak detection solutions to handle almost any operating environment.

  1. Fixed-Point Solution: This system uses a static high-strength fixed point detector to monitor a specific area for methane/hydrocarbon leaks at a sensitivity above the industry standard. The Fixed Point system also allows a unique level of autonomy in detection with an option to power using a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months.
  2. Open-Path Solution: This system uses an open path infrared beam that detects methane leaks through a long narrow range up to 200 meters in length. It can detect methane in the 0 to 5,000 parts per million (ppm) range. This solution provides an excellent instrument for perimeter and cross-sectional monitoring around storage tanks, off-shore platforms, loading docks, and fence-lines.
  3. IR Camera Solution: This system uses a special infrared camera to trace leakage of VOCs without stopping operations. The leakage is detected at a far distance, thus ensuring safety of the operator. Several environmentally harmful gases can be detected for protecting the environment.

All of PetroCloud’s remote methane leak detection  solutions can be fitted with solar panels that eliminate the need to replace batteries and drastically cuts operator maintenance costs. Also, all systems let you control the alert levels for detection, meaning the customer is always in complete control of their system alert thresholds and schedules. Running detection data can be saved providing a clearer picture of the maintenance and operation costs. That data used in conjunction with the PetroCloud live streaming video service allows clients to monitor any damages and respond to leaks faster.

PetroCloud’s unique device-agnostic system architecture allows integration of new detection devices and technologies as they become available. This enables a future-proof solution that is always at the forefront of the newest remote methane leak detection technologies.

What are the Benefits of Remote Methane Leak Detection?

Remote methane leak detection and gas leak detection are important because they allow companies to better supervise their oilfield operations and lower maintenance costs, repair costs, and drastically reduce incident response times. The multitude of benefits related to methane detection includes:

  • Compliance: New and constantly changing guidelines can be met by PetroCloud’s unique solutions ensuring you are ready for the ever changing regulatory landscape
  • Incident Response Times: Early detection of leaks is key to ensuring quick repair and effective incident reporting
  • Maintenance Costs: By detecting seepage promptly structural flaws can be analyzed and repaired before they cause significant fines or punitive action
  • Safety: Safety of employees is increased by quick methane leak detection and prompt automatic alerts

Please contact PetroCloud for any questions you have about how remote methane leak detection and gas leak detection can benefit your business.