Automation & System Integration

Automating remote sites can be complex and uncertain, often requiring a myriad of hardware and software components using different communication protocols and a number of outside vendors to integrate the technologies. PetroCloud takes a different approach, serving as a one-stop-shop for comprehensive automation and monitoring of remote sites. We provide all design, engineering, device procurement, installation and integration to deliver a fully automated solution.


Comprehensive solution

SCADA instrumentation, control narrative and logic development.


Data Intelligence

Action determination based on readings, events and alerts.


Easy Integration

Integrate with any platform, system, device and panel. Connection to internal systems such as ticketing, accounting and operations.

In-field products that provide additional security and insight.



Control who accesses assets.

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PetroCloud Guardian™

S.O.S. alert for man-down tracking.

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Tank MOnitoring

Tank Monitoring

Monitor tank levels, production and flow-rates.

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All of our products and services integrate seamlessly into the web-based PetroCloud platform - including sensors, gates, camera systems, and remote monitoring equipment -  giving you real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your operations.

PetroCloud Platform® 

  • All monitored video, devices and assets viewable on a single pane
  • Browser-enabled on any device with unlimited cloud storage and number of users
  • Advanced customer portal – Real-time data with customizable views by location
  • Customer or PetroCloud monitored – 24x7 or nights and weekends
  • No equipment to buy, no software to install, and no IT infrastructure to maintain

Not sure if your security plan meets your needs? We offer complimentary risk assessments with our Director of Security.