PetroCloud operates a 24/7 manned monitoring center that provides professional monitoring for customers’ sites. Customers can also choose to use PetroCloud’s monitoring center to augment their existing capabilities.


Petrocloud Monitoring

Manned monitoring available 24/7 or nights, weekends and holidays. Event notifications can be managed by PetroCloud or sent directly to clients’ NOC.


Customer Monitoring

We integrate directly into clients’ fusion centers. Strong partnerships with leading system integrators including NextGen, Kratos, Johnson Controls (JCI), Convergint Technologies and others allows us to do so reliably and seamlessly.


Alert Management

Customers can manage their sites via the PetroCloud platform. The platform provides customizable emails and text messages for device alerts with real-time and historical event reporting.

Not sure if your security plan meets your needs? We offer complimentary risk assessments with our Director of Security.