Surveillance Radar SystemSurveillance radar technology takes perimeter security to the next level. Typically, a combination of guards, gates, fences, and security cameras is the norm for the security of businesses, ranging from the oil and gas to the energy sector. Using the SpotterRF patented Compact Surveillance Radar system, we’ve been able to develop a security system with far more control and protection than the average solution on the market. These lightweight and energy-efficient radars allow our clients to monitor a far greater area in comparison to a traditional security camera. By coordinating visual, thermal, and motion detection of movement within and around the boundaries of a client’s worksite, we are able to provide a thorough and never-blind surveillance solution.

The primary advantages our surveillance radar system include:

Decreased Security Costs

  • Less Onsite Security Personnel: Did you know that the average cost of keeping one guard on-site 24/7 costs an average of $300,000 per year? With perimeter surveillance radar you can reduce the number of onsite security needed to monitor your area.
  • Cut Satellite Upload and Data Storage Costs: Remote areas such as oil and gas sites often use satellite Internet for surveillance and data storage. Rather than having multiple cameras filming 24/7 and uploading this data to your server, radar surveillance eliminates the need for all this data.

Detect Security Breaches Sooner

With a traditional security system, guards must be attentive and alert for potential breaches. They must be monitoring their surveillance equipment at all times to identify any abnormal behavior. With surveillance radar, movement within a user defined area automatically notifies security personnel, so they have a chance to react sooner.

All-Weather and Larger Range

Depending on where your business site is located, weather can play a major role in the effectiveness of your security. Whether it’s blizzards or dust storms, the ability for traditional security cameras and guards can be inhibited by weather. Surveillance radar operates flawlessly in any weather condition no matter how drastic. Traditional security methods are also often flawed due to their range of surveillance. Once you detect unauthorized personnel via security camera it is often too late and they have already breached your area. With surveillance radar, you can designate a range of detection beyond your area border so you will know if someone is coming before they even arrive.


If movement is detected in a radar zone, cameras can be set to automatically cue in on the threat. This gives security personnel an immediate picture of what they are dealing with as soon as the surveillance radar system is triggered. This increased speed in understanding the type of threat allows your security team to be more prepared and have more time to react.

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