What is SCADA SaaS?

What is SCADA as a Service℠?

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) refers to industrial control systems at the core of many systems deployed by industries that we come in contact with everyday such as water, transportation, manufacturing, and even oil and gas.  SCADA systems are used to gather, monitor, and analyze critical data which is usually managed by a centralized control center. These systems are complex because they include a myriad of hardware and software components using differing communication protocols and require a number of outside vendors and specialists to integrate the technologies and are thus very expensive to deploy and maintain. Adding to the complexity and the cost is the fact that most oil and gas locations reside in remote and difficult to reach areas and require hazardous rated equipment and system design. Because of the excessive high cost, these systems are typically found only within the largest oil companies, and even then, only on selected wells or leases which can support such high ongoing costs. The major oil companies usually own and operate this infrastructure themselves and must continue paying for maintenance contracts on the hardware and software, as well as continued seat licenses and server licenses to keep the system operational. In addition, because of the high sunk cost and complexity of these older systems, many companies find it difficult to implement and benefit from some of the great technological advances taking place today.

A New Kind of SCADA

The latest generation of SCADA (SCADA 2.0) has made tremendous technological leaps, utilizing cloud computing to exponentially improve reliability, scalability, and usablity as users want SCADA data to travel over their corporate networks and/or share the SCADA network with other applications. By utilizing the cloud, this new generation SCADA also allows connectivity to widely-dispersed devices and provides access from anywhere with any device while improving user experience and performance. The most significant improvement with cloud-based SCADA has been the ability to bind the devices and design pages independently and to provide 2 way communication. This has been the genesis for SCADA as a Service℠, a system that uses cloud computing and existing telecommunications networks to create SCADA systems with more adaptability and functionality than ever before. SCADA as a Service℠ allows a business to focus on core business objectives while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

SCADA as a Service℠ using national carrier cellular networks and standardized, open architectures offer numerous advantages to companies wanting a SCADA system without the infrastructure costs and deployment times of traditional SCADA systems. Some of the many advantages are as follows.

  • National cellular carriers own and maintain the network which essentially eliminates infrastructure and maintenance costs of traditional SCADA systems.
  • Using national cellular networks significantly reduces deployment times, as the infrastructure is already built.
  • By using 3G/4G national cellular networks, connectivity bandwidth is exponentially improved over the low-bandwidth, proprietary protocols of legacy SCADA systems.
  • By using 3G/4G national cellular networks, carrier network service-level uptimes are 99.7% which was not possible with legacy, proprietary SCADA systems.
  • Using national cellular networks ensures future-proof, reliable connectivity for the life of the SCADA system.
  • Standardized, open architectures enable simple, future-proof integration with the latest monitoring and automation technologies and integration of multiple devices.

Market Leader for SCADA SaaS

PetroCloud is the market leader providing SCADA SaaS for oilfield monitoring and automation. Our cloud SCADA solution provides real-time access to critical oilfield data from anywhere in the world at any time and delivers instant ROI with the ability to be fully operational in hours instead of weeks or months. PetroCloud allows a business to focus on its core business objectives while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

For more information on our SCADA SaaS please contact PetroCloud.