Why is Oil and Gas Surveillance Important?

Oil and Gas Surveillance

Oil and Gas surveillance allows olfield owners and operators to monitor their location 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This type of advanced and sophisticated system not only includes video surveillance, but also allows you to remotely control tanks, pump jacks, valves and other devices on site. While installing a new surveillance system may be time consuming, it is one that comes with a plethora of benefits.

The Benefits of Surveillance for the Oil and Gas Industry

The first and most obvious benefit to oilfield surveillance is the added security. Solar powered or site powered cameras allow you to watch over your site, even in the most remote locations. Cameras that include night vision and motion detection can significantly deter thieves. Even if theft does take place, the captured footage can help you track down your property and find the perpetrator(s). Most businesses have some type of surveillance system in place. Oilfield operations are one of the few capital intensive businesses in the world where the most important asset is not secured through video surveillance.

Utilizing a modern surveillance system that is able to communicate with tanks, gauges, and other devices allows you to set triggers for certain events and improve the overall safety of your location. For example, pump jacks can be set to shut down if critical levels are reached. All of this is done automatically. Even if no one is on location, the system will keep an eye on your storage levels to prevent a potentially dangerous situation. In addition, workers on location can be monitored to ensure that they are in compliance with company safety procedures. Having a modern surveillance system with cameras on site leads to better compliance as crews are always aware that someone could be watching.

Keep an Eye on Contractors
Oil and Gas surveillance acts as your eyes and ears when you are not on location. It notifies you each time someone is on location, and every time water or oil is removed from your tank. It also lets you know what people are doing while they are on your site. Digital snapshots with time date stamps can be very helpful with keeping track of hourly billing for work crews or verification of visits to the location.

Save Time and Money
In the long run, oil and gas surveillance saves you time and money. Not only will it reduce travel time and supervision costs, it also allows your staff to be more productive. Production reports are automatically generated along with rich interactive graphs. With oilfield surveillance, supervisors can supervise more locations and better manage maintenance costs. This one system can fill the role of multiple employees through monitoring and managing usage. Simply put: oil and gas surveillance allows you to stay in control of your location, and your costs, at all times – no matter where you are!

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