Cloud SCADA vs Traditional SCADA

During these trying times for the oil and gas industry in the United States, cost saving initiatives and efficiency are top of mind for nearly all businesses. However, advances in technology have allowed companies to save money and manpower to run their oil and gas businesses. In this article, we will explain how changes in SCADA technology, specifically the movement to a cloud-based system, have revolutionized efficiency for business in both oil and gas, and other industries.

Traditional SCADABackground of SCADA Systems

In case you’re not familiar with the term, SCADA is an acronym that stands for “supervisory control and data acquisition.” The purpose of these systems is to monitor and control operations remotely. They operate by sending coded signals between the control center and the machinery that they are watching over. These systems can monitor multiple sites even when spread over significant distances, so they’re often used for major industrial sites, such as oilfields.

On-Premise SCADA Systems are the Traditional Method

For many years, on-premise SCADA systems were the most common method. While this type of system was very successful, it has many downsides that can now be overcome with modern technology. One of the biggest issues is that they require a significant investment before they can even be used, and it’s necessary to build and maintain a fairly complicated infrastructure to allow them to operate. Also, since on-site servers need to be set up and maintained, it can be a long time before the system is actually up and running, and changes or repairs can cause costly and inconvenient delays.

Unfortunately, the problems aren’t solved once the systems are in place. They have a high risk of losing data if they become damaged in any way, and if any major catastrophe harms an oilfield, they’re yet another expensive repair that could be avoided.

The cost of these systems generally means they can only be used by the largest companies, and they’re out of reach of anyone unwilling or unable to make such an extreme investment. However, all that is changing with the new systems.

Background of Cloud SCADA Systems

The major difference between the two types, which is obvious from the name, is that these systems are operated over a cloud. Therefore, nearly all of the physical infrastructure of the traditional systems can be avoided, and everything is easily connected over a network.

PetroCloud’s SCADA as a Service system uses a subscription model which allows for a monthly payment structure at low prices. Also, it includes a number of features all blended together that aren’t as simple in a traditional SCADA system.

Cloud SCADABenefits of Cloud-Based SCADA Systems

Systems operating in a cloud are often cheaper, easier, and more efficient, and SCADA systems are no exception. A cloud-based SCADA system can be set up much faster, and one can often be operating in a matter of hours (instead of months needed for a traditional system). Also, it costs a lot less than the traditional type. These will save you time and money over both the short and long term, and it allows for much more flexibility when anything needs to be updated or changed.

Cloud SCADA systems can be backed up in different locations, so this offers easy recovery in case of any damage, and you will face far less risk in the case of natural disasters or other major problems.

Additionally, these systems can be accessed remotely–meaning less workers have to be physically located on a site. To make it even better, they have the potential for nearly unlimited amounts of data storage, so your backups will be safe.

PetroCloud Can Get You Set up with a Cloud SCADA System

There are many benefits of using the PetroCloud SCADA as a Service solution for your cloud-based SCADA system. When using this solution, you don’t have to purchase equipment or software, and there’s no need to build or maintain an IT or telemetry infrastructure. All of these are integrated into our solution, and they’re included in the monthly subscription price. Plus, it’s all designed in a way that allows for fast installation and is easily scalable, so it will be up and running in no time, and the ease of making changes means you won’t have to worry about having any buyer’s remorse.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about how our cloud SCADA solution could improve your oilfield!