Millions of Dollars in Assets Protected With a Shared Combination on a Padlock

Oil and gas operators invest millions of dollars on their oilfield locations, yet the industry is one of the only industries that leaves their most valuable assets unattended and unsecured. Due to the remoteness of most of these locations, oilfield gates are usually secured with only a padlock which requires sharing the combination with vendors, contractors, and employees. Even if automatic gates are used, the passcodes are limited and shared among vendors and ex-employees. The ineffectiveness of these oilfield security measures has led to over $1 billion in reported oilfield theft, and this is just the amount reported! Criminals will steal whatever they can get their hands on, and they are well aware that oilfield assets are valuable, expensive, and unattended. In West Texas alone, authorities estimate that stolen equipment cost operators upwards of $20 million a year. As a result, local law enforcement have joined forces with the FBI to form the Permian Basin Oilfield Task Force. When a location has been targeted by criminals, oil companies often deploy additional counter-measures such as contracted gate guards that permanently man the gates 24/7 or deploy contracted security patrols that visit the locations throughout the day. Not only are these alternatives very expensive, but they can also be ineffective as the sheer size of the area and distance, along with the remoteness of the locations makes them difficult to cover and are easily exploited by thieves.

Contractor Billing is Difficult to Control in Remote Locations

Oilfield theft is not the only concern of oil companies. Oilfield fraud is also a major concern for oil and gas operators. Contractor billing and hourly rates can add up in a hurry, and controlling contractor billing hours can be almost impossible in remote locations. On locations with high volumes of traffic and billings, control of these hours becomes an even greater concern.

PetroCloud’s Remote Cell Gate Control is the Ideal Site Security Solution

The oil and gas industry clearly needs a better solution. Operators need more control of who has access to the site and 24/7 monitoring to protect their assets. PetroCloud’s Remote Gate Access system is the only solution of its kind. For one low monthly subscription, PetroCloud provides a simple, secure, and cost effective way to ensure high security of oilfield assets with state of the art features like video and HD camera monitoring, remote cell gate control, remote passcode updates, daily records of site entry and exit, night monitoring, and alerts for specific access codes and vehicle types. Operators are now able to remotely control gate access and monitor entry and exit of oilfield personnel as well as view logged updates and alerts which is all stored in the cloud. All of these features are available on the PetroCloud cloud computing platform and presented on a dashboard accessible from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world with no equipment or software to purchase or install. So why wait until theft occurs to protect your assets?

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