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Oilfield Security: Protecting the US Energy Infrastructure

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Oilfield security is currently a major issue in the United States. Most oil and gas production sites are located in remote locations which has typically made them both prime targets for thieves. They are difficult to monitor so thieves are often able to move in and out quickly with little or no detection. This is driven by the tremendous growth in oil and gas activities, followed by the collapse in commodity prices and associated reductions. These types of thefts range from small items like tools to large, expensive production equipment.  There is now a sizable black market for oilfield tools and equipment. Losses…

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Cell Gate Control

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Millions of Dollars in Assets Protected With a Shared Combination on a Padlock Oil and gas operators invest millions of dollars on their oilfield locations, yet the industry is one of the only industries that leaves their most valuable assets unattended and unsecured. Due to the remoteness of most of these locations, oilfield gates are usually secured with only a padlock which requires sharing the combination with vendors, contractors, and employees. Even if automatic gates are used, the passcodes are limited and shared among vendors and ex-employees. The ineffectiveness of these oilfield security measures has led to over $1 billion in...
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Why is Oil and Gas Surveillance Important?

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Oil and Gas surveillance allows olfield owners and operators to monitor their location 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This type of advanced and sophisticated system not only includes video surveillance, but also allows you to remotely control tanks, pump jacks, valves and other devices on site. While installing a new surveillance system may be time consuming, it is one that comes with a plethora of benefits. The Benefits of Surveillance for the Oil and Gas Industry Security The first and most obvious benefit to oilfield surveillance is the added security. Solar powered or site powered cameras allow you…

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