Surveillance Radar Systems and Oilfield Security

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Oil is one of the most valuable commodities of our time, and modern technology allows for us to extract it from even the most harsh and remote locations. However, the extraordinary value behind both the machinery needed to drill it and the oil itself require for the oilfields to constantly monitor against attacks or other forms of damage. Unfortunately, the remoteness and size of the facilities present a major challenge with regards to security, but there is a growing technology that is significantly changing this problem: surveillance radar systems. Overview of Surveillance Radar Technology Surveillance radar systems work by using radar…

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Cloud SCADA vs Traditional SCADA

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During these trying times for the oil and gas industry in the United States, cost saving initiatives and efficiency are top of mind for nearly all businesses. However, advances in technology have allowed companies to save money and manpower to run their oil and gas businesses. In this article, we will explain how changes in SCADA technology, specifically the movement to a cloud-based system, have revolutionized efficiency for business in both oil and gas, and other industries. Background of SCADA Systems In case you’re not familiar with the term, SCADA is an acronym that stands for “supervisory control and data…

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Surveillance Radar

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Surveillance radar technology takes perimeter security to the next level. Typically, a combination of guards, gates, fences, and security cameras is the norm for the security of businesses, ranging from the oil and gas to the energy sector. Using the SpotterRF patented Compact Surveillance Radar system, we’ve been able to develop a security system with far more control and protection than the average solution on the market. These lightweight and energy-efficient radars allow our clients to monitor a far greater area in comparison to a traditional security camera. By coordinating visual, thermal, and motion detection of movement within and around…

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Top 5 Most Secure Places on Earth

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No matter what type of business you operate, security is very important. Whether it’s protecting your location from a forced physical entry or a technology breach, making sure your assets are secure is vital. Some places on this planet have been constructed with security as the most important thing, above all else. Here’s a list of the top 5 most secure places on earth.  Location: Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA Contains: The US Bullion Depository No discussion of high-security would be complete without the mention of Fort Knox. This building contains over 5,000 tons of gold and contains some of the tightest security measures…

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5 Ways Technology Can Increase Oilfield Security

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Oilfield theft is, and has been, a pervasive issue that haunts the energy sector. While the crime is longstanding and widespread, only recently has the dialogue began to open up a little bit more about the size of this problem and the things we can do to combat it. Figures estimate that the losses due to oilfield theft, nationally, hit a low estimate of 1 billion dollars to date, though the many unreported incidences of theft suggest that the number may be much higher. Oilfields make an easy target due to their remote nature, which has owners asking – How…

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Oil Theft a Federal Offense

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In an article recently published by the Houston Chronicle, we learned that prosecutors have made oil theft a federal offense. The event occurred at the Itero Energy Monahans Facility in Monahans, Texas. A 34 year old man named David Wayne Shroeder was part of an oil theft case by stealing truckloads of oil from a West Texas based facility. Apparently the theft was motivated by drug addiction and made feasible by Mr. Schroeder’s knowledge and ability to handle petroleum industry gear. Schroeder was caught red-handed in the middle of the night at an energy facility in the outlands of West Texas by a local…

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Cost Saving with Oil and Gas Automation

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2015 has been a tumultuous time for the oil and gas industry. Not only have depressed commodity prices created a state of uncertainty, but pressure on the employment sector of the industry is coming from many directions. On the one hand, companies are forced to rationalize headcount in line with operating levels and bottom line economics. They also have the opposing need to recruit and train new sources of skilled labor as a significant level of the existing workforce is at the threshold of retirement. This situation seems a bit precarious, but there is hope in the emerging field of…

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Oilfield Theft: The Frightening Statistics

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As unfortunate as it is, theft is an inevitable part of business. For as long as there have been businesses, there have been people who sought to steal, whether it is physical goods or labor. Retail theft runs a cost of around $42 billion annually while labor theft (a failure to pay workers for their wage) is estimated to cost workers upwards of $50 billion a year. While these figures paint a very unfortunate picture of theft in America, these are only two big, broad categories of theft. We’re here to tell you about a kind of theft that is…

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Oilfield Security: Protecting the US Energy Infrastructure

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Oilfield security is currently a major issue in the United States. Most oil and gas production sites are located in remote locations which has typically made them both prime targets for thieves. They are difficult to monitor so thieves are often able to move in and out quickly with little or no detection. This is driven by the tremendous growth in oil and gas activities, followed by the collapse in commodity prices and associated reductions. These types of thefts range from small items like tools to large, expensive production equipment.  There is now a sizable black market for oilfield tools and equipment. Losses…

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Cell Gate Control

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Millions of Dollars in Assets Protected With a Shared Combination on a Padlock Oil and gas operators invest millions of dollars on their oilfield locations, yet the industry is one of the only industries that leaves their most valuable assets unattended and unsecured. Due to the remoteness of most of these locations, oilfield gates are usually secured with only a padlock which requires sharing the combination with vendors, contractors, and employees. Even if automatic gates are used, the passcodes are limited and shared among vendors and ex-employees. The ineffectiveness of these oilfield security measures has led to over $1 billion in...
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