Automation Made Simple.

- Real-time Data Acquisition and
- Bi-directional Control
- Live Streaming Video
- Dynamically Measure, Test, and

100% SCADA Integration

- Leverage Existing Hardware &
- Control & Communicate with Old Field
  Devices & PLC's
- Work with Existing Radios
- Plug & Play Software Platform

Turn-Key, No CAPEX

- End-to-End Engineered
- Deploy Quickly
- No Equipment to Buy
- No Software to Install
- No IT Infrastructure to Build or

Reduce Opex, Drive Margins

- Reduce Travel
- Reduce Downtime
- Reduce IT and Infrastructure Costs
- Reduce Theft
- Drive Operational Efficiencies



Automation Made Simple

PetroCloud is the only cloud automation platform that provides bi-directional control of all of your field devices along with streaming video to enable real-time awareness of your field operations.


100% SCADA Integration

PetroCloud leverages your existing infrastructure.  We fully integrate with existing SCADA systems and PLC systems with the ability to control and communicate with your oil field devices through our cloud automation platform.


Turn-key, No CAPEX

PetroCloud pre-builds the solution, installs all field hardware, and fully maintains all aspects of our products. No need to deal with countless vendors, suppliers, installers, and software licensing — PetroCloud has done all the hard work, so you don’t have to.


Reduce OPEX, Drive Margins

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX to drive margins.  PetroCloud makes everyone in your operation more productive and efficient.  Deploy quickly with no equipment to buy, software to install, and no IT infrastructure to build or maintain.

Real-Time. Real Results. Real Simple.

Centralized management of data, devices, and reporting through a single web-based software platform.

With the ability to define automated tasks in the cloud that execute on remote field devices in mass, automation has never been so easy.

Oilfield Automation – Data into Action

PetroCloud doesn’t just generate reports – it enables 2 way communication with your sensors, gauges, and field devices using your mobile phone or computer.  Our software allows you to interact with your devices:  turning them on or off, setting event triggers and taking snapshots.  All of our sensors and devices work together as one integrated oilfield automation system. Our modular and mobile architecture makes it just as easy and economical to implement a single well location as it is for a 100 locations.

Remote Oilfield Surveillance

We know the importance of being on location.  Our integrated HD IP camera with streaming video, night vision, and digital snapshots, enables you to know who is on your lease at all times, what they are doing, when they leave, and what they are carrying. Receive notifications whenever workover rigs, transport trucks, or others arrive or leave.  Oilfield surveillance allows you the ability to see what is going on while enabling you to actively participate and manage projects on location remotely.  Digital snapshots with time date stamps help you control hourly billing of crews and projects on location. Our systems make oil and gas surveillance efficient and easy.

Designed for Oil and Gas Operators

PetroCloud has engineered its oilfield monitoring solution end-to-end, which means we have already done all the work, so you don’t have to.  Our solution is designed with a single focus, to solve precisely the problems oil and gas operators face each day, and to do it while saving you vast amounts of time and money.  No equipment to buy. No software to install.  No seat licenses to purchase.  No IT infrastructure to build or maintain.  No consulting services needed. No long term contracts to sign. We install the equipment and give you access to the PetroCloud platform. It is that simple.

Tank Lockdown System

PetroCloud Tank Lockdown generates automated hauling tickets complete with digital snapshots and real time tank gauges, that together bring oilfield monitoring to your desktop or mobile phone. Our system allows you to know who is opening your valves, when, and how much oil or water they removed. Receive text or email notifications when water or oil is hauled.  Set high and low level alarms and notifications.  Trigger shut down of your pump jack at critical high levels. Create production reports and analysis using our advanced reporting features.

Benefits of a Cloud Based System

A single platform that works across multiple devices and multiple departments. It combines IT SCADA automation and business reporting in order to save you money. Oilfield automation saves time and money by making everyone in your organization more effective and productive. Operations managers can oversee multiple operations remotely. Pumpers can pump more wells more effectively. Travel time and travel cost are reduced dramatically.  Endless hours sitting on location are eliminated.  Uptime and production time will improve significantly. Have better control of hourly billing of crews and projects on location with digital snapshots and time date stamps. Generate reports easier, faster, and more accurately. Detect and deter theft of your assets.

Take Command of Your Well

Remotely set your timer or turn your pump jack off and on using our PetroCloud controller. Streaming live HD video and digital snapshots lets you see who turned off your pump. Wireless tank gauges and remote tank monitoring enable you to set an event trigger for your pump jack to shut down when critical high levels are reached in your storage tanks.  Set a delayed start after treating your well and reduce downtime. PetroCloud’s oilfield monitoring puts you in control of the controller, not the other way around.

One Platform – All Devices